memory reflection

In my video I explored the different types of public memories, the sort of thing that everyone can get to, therefore they can all talk about the event or whatever event has captured the attention of the public to be talked about. It uses different influences to show the different types of memory such as movies, speeches and huge events that affected how we live today.  The big one was the speech that Martin Luther king gave on fairness and the rights of man his line “I have a dream” has been quoted many times, in jest and in serious circumstances, it helped bring an end to the Apartheid.  I chose the Background of stars to represent how far into our memory we have look to find something.  Also the cat eyes was my interpretation of the split screen as they can be viewed separately and have the ability to display two different images or video files, I also wanted the effects that it was looking at the viewer hopefully connecting some of the public memories to the audience.

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