Final idea for final piece

My idea for the final project is to do a small documentary on animation.  The program will ask and get answers to questions such as ‘where did animation come from’?, ‘When did it enter the digital age’? and ‘How has it developed’?.  The show will use animation plus real life footage to remind the audience what the program is about.  It will be of interest to media people and people who are just curious about where this fun media type came from and how it exploded onto the market.

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One Response to Final idea for final piece

  1. Pete says:

    hi carsum,

    this is an interesting idea. you need to start thinking about who and what you want to explore in the film- so do you want to focus in on a particular type of animation (ie hollywood, short film, cartoons, experimental, political, avant garde etc etc) and if so- what sort of content would you need to start collecting (do you need to try and get interviews with key people for example).

    I’d try and focus down your idea as animation is a huge area as a subject- there are thousands of books about it- and lots of these are in our library here. If you start researching some of the debates and issues this will start to give you an idea for what you want to say and how you want to say it.

    i can put you in touch with some of the animation lecturers here who might be able to point you in some interesting directions.

    book a tutorial with me and we can discuss in more depth.

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