What makes me?

The things that make me are the things that I am led to believe that I like and dislike, these things were preprogrammed into from the day I was born.  Parent are the chief editors in your life because they give you the information which they think is important.  Times however move on and their advice might by outdated to modern culture but still good enough to build on and update with your own experiences.  The parents or people closer to you are your editors because they decide what you see, hear and even what you eat and you implicitly trust them when your young.  They tell you things like “eat your carrots,they will make you see in the dark”, “Go to sleep or the boogeyman will get you”.  This is only the beginning of who you are, soon you realise that these things that you are told are lies to keep you in check, you think that you grow out of them but you don’t not really, your source of information is now the media that is supposedly your friend giving you all this stuff but most of us only like look at the surface we don’t delve any deeper which suits the media fine.  It means they can control us without us even realising, sell us stuff we don’t need or can’t afford pushing us into debt.

On TV the stars look like something that you can never touch or be and sometimes forget that they people just like us and had to work to become stars in our eyes.  The way they are portrayed fixes them in our memories as something to be idolised and followed.  Through them the media controls us via there lyrics and suggestive ideas to go out and buy the new fads that will surely change fast enough.  We never question why something we remember as cool went of the radar, all we know is that our stars on the radio, TV and the magazines say you must have this new thing that everybody who is anybody has.  Suggesting that If you don’t have this thing then you are a loser and you don’t fit in and you are led to believe that it would be the worst thing ever.

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