Power video reflection

In the video I have put many images together in a slide show format which is a format not best known for its power or its abilities to demand attention.  This format is normally used for things with bullet points or easy presentations that look flashy and make you look like you know what you are doing.  I did plan on using a audio narration coupled with the images and the music but then I thought it would detract from the power of the overall piece.  It would be distracting because my voice would be taking the viewers attention away from the full impact of the pictures on the screen.  Therefore people would get confused by trying to listen to what the audio narration was saying and in there heads matching it up with the visuals there eyes were encountering on the screen.

The other advantage to using pictures rather than video was the simple fact that they are easier to edit and they are allot easier to find, because not many images are exactly the same but still manage to encompass the same things they are vital to the changing of shots every half a second.  Also video footage that is recorded has its own pace that you have then work with but with images you can change to make variable and can work with many different types of formats.

The content in my video is in sequence of power going from one extreme to another.  On the one side you get a very short display of freedom, this then turns into what humanity does with its freedom? The answer is we got to war mainly to rob other countries of there freedom, but we disguise our true motives behind getting the public to be patriotic and support the army and our country.  After the war emotions like grief and sadness arise and take control, only now do we know why it was wrong to go to war.  Then we move onto death and torture, finding maimed bodies that us as humans are responsible for, but we always like to blame it on other people.  The final extreme that we encounter in the video and for those who believe in it is hell.  I chose because alot of people find it cool to be on the dark-side or think themselves as rebels as many people believe Satan was on the count of him rebelling.  In the video at this extreme there are images of Satan, souls, the tortured and the dammed.  No matter how many scary things come out about these sorts of things people still want to experience it and make there own decision on it.

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