Power idea conclusion

I have managed to do the required minute for my piece on power.  The peice it self is paced by the music and narrated by the images on screen which are only on for half a second.  The images I chose because they related to the theme of power and were the kind of images that would mainly show humanity at its worst, except for the beginning few pictures.  I did do the images in sequence from peace, war, death, grief and pain, also there was pictures of hell to finish of the sequence.  I am hoping that these emotions and styles will come through when the audience watch it.

What went well?

  • I managed to find images easily
  • the theme of power and pain went together
  • The music set pace worked well with the timing of images

What went wrong?

  • The images even though easy to find were hard not to make repetitive
  • The editor kept crashing
  • music was too short and kept having hitches while looping it
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