Narration for power article

The street was dark cold, the man walked along the street with steady footsteps that echoed all around. He look was a slightly puzzled, He heard laughter near by, the sound of a bottle smashing on the floor, he heres a variety of colourful words. He then hears another voice saying “Damn man that was my lost bottle!”. The man slowly steps forward, carefully. He looks at the gang, One of them notices him, soon there all looking at him. “OI what you looking at?”, soon the others are heckling him but in his head there is a countdown form 10 to 0. Zero comes and the man steps forward, slowly. The shout, the insults die down, as the gang shuffle backwards shocked at what is happening. The man casually reaches the leader and slaps him in the face. Slowly the man turns around and leaves as if nothing happened.

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