Power idea

I have to make a one minute video using any form of media i choose be it pictures video or narration, the catch however is the time of each shot on the screen can only be half a second long.

Onto the idea then, I intend to make a piece using images, universal symbols and narration. The whole point of this will be to show a range of emotions with the pictures and narration to back up what they are saying.

I shall do the story based on drunken people in the streets shouting at each other, building themselves up for a fight.  Starting with a smiley face with a single word, proceeding to red eyes and pointing fingers. The next bit will be to have a series of shocked faces and gasp of shock.  A series of item will come upon the screen accompanied by a sound effect to show that they have landed.  I will use picture like the ones below.

These types of simple images can be understood my everyone and will be transformed with a audio narration and some text into a story that people can hopefully relate to.

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