Improvements that could be made in TV production

At the moment is TV production there a three stages that must be followed to successfully make a TV program.  These stages have processes within in them that are vital to each stage.  If you neglect on these processes your show could fall down.  The stages are as follows;

  • Pre Production
  • Post Production
  • Distribution

My way to improve and make these stages more efficient is by making double the amount of stages so that they are easier to work on because they are smaller, therefore they are easy to digest and much easier to keep a track of.  If they become easier then the whole team will have less work to do and feel like they are achieving alot wich in turn will boost their morale.

The stages of the new improved scheme will be;

  • The first stage will embrace the script and make the storyboard, research the props and extras that might be needed.
  • The second stage will get the stuff that will be needed and analyse the budget, also order will be made for getting actors and scripts out.
  • This will be the stage where permits for filming and licensing will be sorted and payed for and all dates for filming finalised.
  • This is the stage where the filming is done and is checked.
  • This will be the stage where the film is edited, with the licensing that was purchased.  The licensing could allow music or stock footage.  The film will then be checked over.
  • The stage now will be the one where the show is prepared for broadcasting and distribution.
  • The final stage is the airing of the program but that is upto the channel the is broadcasting it.
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