Improvements for BBC Radio 2

I have recently listened to the Graham Norton show on BBC radio 2 which would not normally be selection of radio but seen as I have to listen to a station outside my comfort I went for this one.

I found the show light hearted and comical, with that was easy going, nothing to hard on the ears but nothing to quiet so you could still hear it.  The show was well balanced with equal amounts of music, news, updated and interviews to be good for everyone.

The things that I found bad about the show was the fact that if your a hardcore music fan or just want something specific this show doesn’t cut it.  Also sometimes the talking was disproportionate to the music and the tracks were not what you would expect from this sort of show.

The improvements that I would make is to make the show more focused into a particular area or have themes for it so each program would be different and everybody would still get a mix of different variety’s.  This would also go the same for the tracks as the shows would be themed so would the music that would go into the show.  Also this sort of theming might require more thought into the program but the results will be better as the listeners will know what to expect such as music, news,talk or sports.

Overall the show and the station are decent enough to stay at the top, they have good presenters and a good style that many people enjoy.  Hopefully in the future we will see the changes I have suggested above implemented and the radio station will see a rise in listeners.

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