Research into spectacles

This page talks about how media is related to the changes seen in modern society and how it some times influences these changes.  In the latter part of the article it describes the media as a super-culture.

This page is about how the media and their campaigns put pressure on the Beijing Olympics.  How the propaganda and the global exposure brought instability to the Chinese community.

Earlier this year gaming company Nintendo made an announcement about there new product, it was of course the rumoured Nintendo 3ds.  The first console with 3d technology that can be seen without glasses.  The worlds media flocked to them hoping to get a glimpse of the amazing device.  It was showcased at E3 a giant convention with all the contenders there.  This was the spectacle in the magazines, on TV.

Another spectacle made in the ever impressive world of gaming this time by the Sony Playstation (ps3).  They arrive with their new MOVE system that looks like the Wii controllers but are alot more fluid and responsive. The styling could do with a bit of work but the ease of use and the functionality of the controller more than make up for that minor design flaw.

This is a video that I found online about how the opinions of the public are changed and manipulated to suit the media’s criteria.  They are used by governments mainly American to gain votes and status that they want.  By certain methods the media is able to feed the publics view to them whilst subtly changing it to their advantage.

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