Examples of media spectacles

“When I see a nine-year-old boy being interviewed on Sky News about witnessing a man shot dead, I know we have gone so far beyond reporting and digesting that our values are warped. Jordan Williams, out walking with his mum and baby sister when he saw Michael Pike being blasted in the face with a shotgun, surely needs counselling, not a microphone thrust in his face by a gormless reporter.”


The above article is written in a newspaper and complains that the media has made the questioning of a young boy who has just seen murder into a spectacle for the audience purely for the fact that they want the first scoop and to get ratings.

“Vienna welcomes MotoGP spectacle

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Riders from all three classes of the World Championship displayed their bikes to fans in the Austrian capital, as bike enthusiasts turned out in force to catch a glimpse of their heroes.”


The article is a different sort of spectacle as it is a huge event which thousands have come to watch, allot of money and time has gone into making this a spectacle, something for people to watch and enjoy. Most of it has to get there attention, make them want to look, tempt them.

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