Festival conclusion

The festival was organised very well and the perimeters were well defined, the stall were clearly marked so you could tell when you arrive at a different one.  Alot of people attended the event to see what it had to offer and many people were pleased by what they saw, with the abundance in stalls, workshops and advice centers offering all kinds of things they was some thing for all the family even if you just wanted to stretch your legs.

The good weather on the day also was a bonus and brought more people in, the workshops kept the children and the parents occupied in dancing or art work.  There were plenty of places to sit for those who got a bit tired of walking around all the stalls.  These are only minor bonuses compared to the biggest bonus of them all was the fact that it was free.

I thought that all things considered it was a good event, well planned with plenty of things to accommodate everyone’s taste. It was also easy to reach and had plenty of accessibility for disabled people with signs clear enough for everyone.

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