I was told in my assignment brief to research and record any festival of my my choice, I found many different options but none were practical, some were to far away and others did not have the right dates that I was looking for.  In the end I found one that suited my purposes and that was easy to get to, It was the Birmingham  arts festival 2010.  This huge event takes place every year and shows of the various skills that people in the city know or have recently acquired.  Through these skill that they have learnt they can advertise them in stalls or workshops therefore getting the public interested in there product or service.  Once people have experienced it then they could buy it or at least get more information on it.  Even if they don’t like it they will be constantly reminded of it via leaflets and posters, even word and mouth.  I think the strongest form of advertising in this event is word and mouth, people telling other people about what they have seen, advising people on what they should go and see these word cannot be discarded unlike the pamphlets or leaflets that are given out.

Business come to the event to try and you to buy into them and remember them so that they have a wider range to work and therefore increase there own portfolio. People who are new to this type of industry and working within it can also attract the public’s attention so long as they advertise well and make there stall or workshop as interesting and as creative as possible so that the public will spread the word about them.  All in all it was a very interesting event and one that I believe was well organised and that knew roughly around how many people would be turning up.

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